Realms: A Worldbuilding Podcast

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What is Realms?

Realms is a weekly worldbuilding podcast hosted by Dylan. Each week Dylan brings a guest on the show to create a fictional world with characters, stories, and more based off a prompt. These prompts come from listeners, the guests, or from scouring the internet for vague world prompts!

Episodes go up on Monday mornings around 10 AM EST. The show can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and more by searching for it or clicking the links above. If you don't happen to see it in your podcast app, copy the RSS feed above and paste it into your app!

Who is Dylan?

Dylan is the host of Realms! Dylan has done video editing, content writing, and audio editing previously and is bringing that experience into Realms!

Dylan has been working on fictional worlds in some compatibility since about 2011, exact date unknown. Back then, Dylan was working on a full Fallout-themed version of post-apocalyptic version of Chicago for an abandoned Fallout role-playing game. Since then, most of Dylan's worldbuilding has been casual to keep himself entertained aside from one project that hasn't quite come to light yet.

Realms is Dylan showcasing worldbuilding and helping guests share about their projects as well!

Want to submit a world idea for the show?

I'm always looking for people to submit ideas! The prompts that are ideal to me are ones that come from listeners! To send in an idea to the show, send an email to or send the idea in a tweet to the show!

Want to be a guest on the show?

If you're somebody who loves to create worlds or craft different forms of fiction and you want to be on the show, get in touch! The best way to get in touch would be to email me at but you can also reach out via Twitter. If you get in touch about being on the show, please let me know your name, let me know about any fiction you've created, and anything else you'd find relevant! Please include any social media that you use, providing me a link to that makes editing my show notes much easier!

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